The Annenberg Foundation staff in Los Angeles, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.:
Annenberg Foundation, Los Angeles
Angela Abbott, Grants Associate
Katrina Ashley, Grants Associate
Leonard Aube, Executive Director
Haddas Beyene, Staff Accountant
Ron Chandra, Accounting Manager
Irene Chansawang, Project Associate, Annenberg Project
David Conforti, Director, Programs and Public-Private Partnerships
Margarita Diaz, Technology & Media Operations Lead
Blanca Edeza, Operations Manager
Irma Esteves, Senior Staff Accountant
Lanette Fieser, Communications Associate
Juliet Flores, Senior Program Associate
Marie Grice, Senior Human Resources Generalist and Recruiter
Frida Hatami, Program Administrator
Jon-Michael Hice, Grants Associate
Allison Holmes, Director, Marketing & Communications 
Jackie Ott Jaakola, General Manager, Annenberg Project
Roman Jackson, Program Associate
José Juarez, Enterprise Applications Administrator
Cynthia Kennard, Managing Director
Peggy Krynicki, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management
Carol Laumen, General Manager, Annenberg Ventures
Ben Lepley, Digital Strategy & Communications Associate
Stephanie Levin, Director of Special Initiatives, Board Liaison and Office of Executive Administration
Camille Lowry, Media Relations and Special Events Lead
David Mascarina, Manager, Digital Strategy & Communications
L. Michelle McDonald, Director, Finance & Accounting
Michael Morrison, Director, Technology and Media Operations
Abbie Paschal, Contracts Administrator
Michael Plell, Senior AV Engineer
Douglas Powell, Digital Media Manager
John Price, Systems Engineer and Video Editor
Maria Rodriguez, Accounts Payable Specialist
Ellah Ronen, Program Administrator, LA n Sync
Chris Russell, Senior Systems & Audio/Visual Engineer
David Scharff, Manager, Creative Services
Jared Siegel, Help Desk Support
Beth Stern, Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Stover, Project Manager, Marketing & Communications
Julie Vazquez-Johnson, Grants Manager
Jen White, Assistant General Manager, Annenberg Ventures
Stephanie Ysaguirre, Accounts Payable Specialist
Annenberg Foundation, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Donna Hauze, Senior Accounting Manager, Investments
Paul Manganiello, Director, Investments & Treasurer
Pamela McAuliff, Payroll & Human Resources Advisor
Diane Reynolds, Investment Coordinator
Annenberg Learner, Washington, D.C. 
Kristine Inchausti, Administrative Assistant
Michele McLeod, Senior Project Officer
Pete Neal, General Manager, Annenberg Learner
Yolanda Odunsi, Manager, Interactive Services
Stacie Pierpoint, Communications Associate
Annenberg Space for Photography and Skylight Studios, Los Angeles
Karina Fernandez Alos, Retail Guest Services Lead
Amanda Bowen, Contracts, Licensing & Exhibition Assistant
Michelle Fields, Events Manager
Svetlana Iachkova, Talent & Content Assistant
Patricia Lanza, Director, Talent & Content
Lesley Meyer, Photo Editor/Archivist
Russell Nauman, Guest Services Associate
Eva Vieyra Osmand, Education Coordinator & Guest Services Lead
Ronal Sagastume, Retail Guest Services Lead
Wes Smith, Guest Services Associate
Megan Tamisiea, Guest Services Associate
Olivia Vegh, Registrar & Exhibitions Assistant
Simon Watkinson, Senior Guest Services Lead